Metal Assault Live Show Review: Marriages - August 10th


August 10th 2014, Complex, Glendale CA: Having completed recording their yet untitled new full-length album, Los Angeles-based experimental rock band Marriages are readying for a short US West Coast run supporting Japanese eclectic rockers Boris, and in the lead-up to this week-long tour which begins on August 16th, they played a hometown headliner at Complex in Glendale last Sunday with support acts Wreck And Reference and So Stressed, for a show presented by Church Of The 8th Day. Our writer Darshun was on site to cover the event for us through his words.

"Finally, for the main bout of the night, Marriages delivered the promised goods of newer material, which made the crowd anxious and pleased at the same time. With the newer songs I was impressed with Emma Ruth Rundle’s prowess on guitar and her command and choice of effects. Emma’s vocals shined throughout the night and was accompanied by Andrew Clinco’s tasteful beats and Greg Burns’ bass and keyboards. Andrew played the drums in such a zen-full manner while Emma desperately breathed and belted out her lyrics. Despite Greg not playing his main bass (his active pick up circuitry in his favorite bass fried earlier that day), he did a great job nonetheless. The set began with the first track off of the 2012 EP ‘Kitsune’ and the rest of the set were all brand new tunes. Only a couple songs I’ve already heard at previous shows were played last night. Emma’s voice held it together and the textures from her guitar that were chosen were executed in a skillful manner. On one of the new songs Greg used his left hand to hammer on the bass and right hand to play keyboards a la Brian Cook (These Arms Are Snakes/Russian Circles). I’m anxious to hear how the new songs will sound after being properly mixed and mastered for their new record. Sargent House will tentatively release the new album early next year. The intamiteness of The Complex has made this one of my favorite sets by Marriages. “

Marriages links: website | facebook | twitter | instagram | bandcamp

Marriages Live 2014
Aug 16 -  Seattle, WA @ The Crocodile  # ^
Aug 17 –  Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theatre # ^
Aug 18 –  Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge # ^
Aug 20 -  San Francisco, CA @ The Independent #
Aug 21 -  Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst Atrium #
Aug 22 -  San Luis Obispo @ SLO Brew #

# w/ Boris
^ w/ Master Musicians of Bukkake


Marriages announced as direct support to Boris - Aug 16 - 22 

Marriages will be joining label mates Boris as direct support on the last week of the Boris US Tour. The first half of the shows will also have the fantastic Master Musicians of Bukkake.


08/16  Seattle, WA @ The Crocodile  # ^
08/17  Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theatre # ^
08/18  Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge # ^
08/20  San Francisco, CA @ The Independent #
08/21  Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst Atrium #
08/22  San Luis Obispo @ SLO Brew #

^ w/ Master Musicians of Bukkake
# w/ Marriages


Marriages have been in the studio recording their new LP for Sargent House . Right now mixing is underway and based on the first round of mixes we have heard, let’s just say we are pretty damn excited for you all to hear what these three have been cooking up. Stay tuned for some big Tour news to be announced soon. 

Photos by Chris Katus

It was a packed house (sold out) at the El Rey Theatre where Marriages opened up the night playing a short set of their indescribable music. I can’t wait to hear more from them.

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Los Angeles - EL Rey Show - April 25, 2014 

We are very happy to be playing this show in Los Angeles at the El Rey Theater on April 25, 2014 with Deafheaven and Earth. Make sure to get tickets it will sell out.
Doors at 8pm - Marriages on at 9pm.

Tickets Here


Emma Ruth Rundle debuts her first new track “Arms I Know So Well” on Pitchfork. Click HERE to stream

Marriages are now in the studio in Los Angeles recording their new album with Tom Biller for Sargent House and we could  not be more excited about this.

Stay up on all things Marriages - news will be flowing…..
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Emma Ruth Rundle release free Cover song of “All My Tears”


"This song was written by Julie Miller but performed by Emmylou Harris on her album  "Wrecking Ball," which is one of my favorite records.
I covered this song in my room using the computer mic and some reverb..
The guitar used is a 1963 Martin tenor in some open tuning. one live take aside from vocal harmonies it was then mastered by Chris Common. ” ERR

Stream or Download at

I had been wanting to post this concert review of Marriages since I saw the show back in July, but between the website re-boot and then fixing the massive amount of broken links and preview  pictures it kind of got put on the back burner. Now with things on the site looking all fancy and functioning properly I felt that it was finally time to get my feelings out there about the live performance that Sargent House’s Marriages brings to the stage.

I have been a huge fan of Marriages since they released Kitsune  back in May of 2012. I was also really into Red Sparowes when they were still around.  In case you don’t know, Marriages is basically RS, but a more streamlined version with the added bonus of Emma Ruth Rundle providing original and intriguing vocals to the post-rock, spacey vibe. Marriages immediately began touring after the Kitsune’s release and I patiently waited for them to arrive in Salt Lake City, but as is the case with most small tours and Utah, Marriages kept skipping over SLC.

I was super stoked to learn that Marraiges had booked a date in July at Kilby Court, especially after I found out that Chris Common (These Arms Are Snakes) was filling in for Andrew Clinco on drums. I had seen Common drum live a couple of times with TAAS and he was an absolute beast.  Needless to say, Marriages did not disappoint. In fact, I would say they more than impressed me with their live show. They played Kitsune from start to finish with passion and precision, while also adding in extended intros, outros and flourishes that made listening to these songs live a totally unique experience. Rundle was captivating and enigmatic, Greg Burns was solid as usual (I’ve seen Burns play live a few times as well with Red Sparrows and I’m always amazed at how solid and full his bass playing is. His use of chords is exceptional.) and Common beat the shit out of the drums as expected.

However, the real treat of the night was getting a preview of the new material that Marriages had been working on. After they finished up with the all six sections of Kitsune the band  graced the audience with a couple of new songs.  The two new songs the band played showed some serious growth in their sound and showcased more prominent melodies and vocals from Rundle, as well as some really killer guitar hooks  and song structures.

Over the past two months I had almost forgotten just how awesome Marriages were live until I re-watched all the video clips that Isaac took at the show. Marriages are something special on record and definitely even more magical live. If you get the chance I highly recommend catching them in concert. I promise they will not disappoint and it will make you appreciate their music even more. I can’t wait for new material from the band.

Also, it seems that someone stole all of Marriages gear and flooded their apartment! (Bastards). So if you love them as much as I do you can help them re-coup some costs from the incident here.


If volume is your only musical qualifier, then there is probably only one band on your best of 2013 list. San Francisco metal band Deafheaven dropped Sunbather last month, a seven track sonic masterpiece that relentlessly pulls at your heartstrings and threatens hearing damage for 60 minutes. The album’s opener “Dream House” has been universally declared one of the year’s best, as it expertly mixes black metal shape with post rock size and shoegaze atmosphere. The rest of the album continues in suit, taking you on an emotional roller coaster of brilliant architecture. But there’s always the question of “Can they pull it all off live?”, and with the size and undertaking of Sunbather, it wasn’t an unfair one to ask. But rest assured, Deafheaven’s live show only serves to further exercise the massive, beautiful power this band has created, and it now comes pretty damned close to the top of my list for best show of the year. With LA experimental rock group Marriages to open, Deafheaven gave us a night of blood, sweat and wonder to remember for weeks to come.

Marriages were a great pick for tourmates on this leg of Deafheaven’s support for Sunbather. The group, featuring Emma Ruth Rundle and Greg Burns of Red Sparowes, has been around for a couple of years now. Through their ties to other great offerings of LA post rock and experimental rock, the band has some solid songwriting chops and is steadily building live potential. Marriages’ set pulled a lot from their 2012 record, Kitsune, balancing heavy atmosphere and dark landscape with great interplay between guitar, bass, and vocals. In particular, the Kitsune closer “Part The Dark Again” kicked ass and had much of the crowd enthralled, regardless of their prior knowledge of the group.

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By Gerrit FeenstraBrittany Brassell